#29 Fire in the sky, year not found

by Allison H.


by Michael David Adams


The transparent dress forms a heart shaped outline, the bluish tone makes me relate the model to some kind of rare species for unknown reason, the darkness of the environment creates a sense of calmness, all these sensations pull me in. There seems to be a lot of movements in the center, but slow and silent. I somehow feel the tranquility within the black, like nothing else exists.

Lighting Design Sketch

fire in the sky

Technical Discussion

I have never tried shooting underwater, it sounds like a huge challenge for me, says a person who can’t even open the eyes in the water. Everything is hard to control, especially the movements I think. I found that a lot of people use point and shoot camera to shoot underwater because it’s faster and more convenient. I hope I can learn more about shooting underwater, it’s gonna be a nice experience.