#24 Blend, 2009

by Allison H.


by Wyne Veen


I’m deeply attracted to this image by the interesting structure of the toast. I don’t know why but I can really relate this to some architecture or museum that kind of stuff. The color palette is lovely, I love this kind of blue with orange and yellow, the combination is pleasing to the eye. And I feel like those tiny grated cheese and its friends are like Chinese tourists in some kind of world’s most-visited tourist attraction. (Suddenly feel bad for the toast.)

Lighting Design Sketch


Technical Discussion

Recently I’ve been thinking about having some fun with food while I can still have access to the studio in CMC. I think food is a very broad area to explore in photography, it has so much potential to become something refreshing and creative.

And the best thing is we can probably still eat it after the photo shoots.