Studio Photo Journal

extra photos


#30 Beneath the surface, year not found


by Michael David Adams


Comparing to the previous post, this underwater photograph has a completely different style. I love the bright orange color of her hair that really matches with the blue on the top. The skin tone is very bright, it gives the viewers a feeling of bright sunshine, and the really saturated red on her lips is also working very well in this photo.

Lighting Design Sketch


Technical Discussion

I think the photographer added some blur effect on her hand and the right side of the brighter area to create some dreamy impression.

#29 Fire in the sky, year not found


by Michael David Adams


The transparent dress forms a heart shaped outline, the bluish tone makes me relate the model to some kind of rare species for unknown reason, the darkness of the environment creates a sense of calmness, all these sensations pull me in. There seems to be a lot of movements in the center, but slow and silent. I somehow feel the tranquility within the black, like nothing else exists.

Lighting Design Sketch

fire in the sky

Technical Discussion

I have never tried shooting underwater, it sounds like a huge challenge for me, says a person who can’t even open the eyes in the water. Everything is hard to control, especially the movements I think. I found that a lot of people use point and shoot camera to shoot underwater because it’s faster and more convenient. I hope I can learn more about shooting underwater, it’s gonna be a nice experience.

#28 doll, year not found


by Clive Arrowsmith


The first thing that draws my attention is the art direction. There is a strong storytelling quality in it. I like the lighting a lot, it’s very theatrical so as to raise the viewers’ curiosity. Also, the model really looks like a puppet, the dramatic makeup, the stiff pose, the crazy hair that almost explodes, and the glazed eyes staring at nowhere, they all add up to the story. Another thing I love is the bear, it’s already brutal enough to tear its head apart from the body, yet they still decided to take one of its eye out and put it on the cube, sad story.

Lighting Design Sketch


#27 Vogue Paris, 1960


by Guy Bourdin


I like how minimal it is, only her hair and the high heels are black. Without arms, her back is like a plaster sculpture, the skin is smooth and refined. There is no dramatic shadow on the skin, only the edge of her back was slightly outlined, as a compositional decision to be symmetrical, it indeed works better without heavy shadows that might break the balance. The position of the high heels is quite interesting, it extends from her ears down to her shoulders, and then forms some symmetrical shapes in the negative space. I love the overall structure a lot, it is simple yet still draws my attention.

Lighting Design Sketch




#26 Paris Vogue Photo, 1966


by Guy Bourdin


It looks a little bit surreal at first glance. And then I realized it was a person bending down. One of my photograph for the portraits and bodies assignment has similar pose – the mushroom shot, but this photograph is the bottom part of that pose. I found it quite amusing. The high contrast and the overexposure make the body pop out from the wild backdrop. The shadow spreads and occupies the space in different shades of gray, which is poetic in a way, and it’s not trying to hide anything, just let it be.

Lighting Design Sketch

#25 Hooked On Meat, year not found


by Christina Hartati Phan


As a meat lover, I absolutely find this photo alluring. The red and fresh blood in those pieces of meat pops out from the colorless backdrop, I especially love the idea of using hanger to display. I always think the texture of the raw meat is beautiful, especially when I’m looking at the white patterns inside. This photo also reminds me of Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

Lighting Design Sketch


#24 Blend, 2009


by Wyne Veen


I’m deeply attracted to this image by the interesting structure of the toast. I don’t know why but I can really relate this to some architecture or museum that kind of stuff. The color palette is lovely, I love this kind of blue with orange and yellow, the combination is pleasing to the eye. And I feel like those tiny grated cheese and its friends are like Chinese tourists in some kind of world’s most-visited tourist attraction. (Suddenly feel bad for the toast.)

Lighting Design Sketch


Technical Discussion

Recently I’ve been thinking about having some fun with food while I can still have access to the studio in CMC. I think food is a very broad area to explore in photography, it has so much potential to become something refreshing and creative.

And the best thing is we can probably still eat it after the photo shoots.